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How to Vote '1' Koalas at the Federal election on July 2, 2016

in the Senate (large Ballot paper)


You need to fill in at least 6 squares above the line:


vote 1 Group 'AL', The Greens,


vote 2 Group ‘R’ Pirate Party


vote 3 Group 'AB' Animal Justice,


vote 4 Group ‘N’ Labor


number 2 other squares...


Give the Nationals/Liberals/Shooters nothing!



in the Lower House (House of Representatives) (small Ballot paper) :

You need to number every square.


Vote 1 for The Greens...



fill in all the other squares...



and put The Nationals, Liberal and Shooters last and second last!


Koalas are in crisis across NSW. Koala numbers are in free fall. One of the main reasons for this is that the forests they live in are being cut down. Koala homes are falling as the logging industry continues to rampage through our habitat. Some of the big mines are clearing every tree to be able to dig up Mother Earth, and those who don't care about we koalas, clear our homes because they think they'll make more money!

This election is your chance to throw Koalas a life-line, by electing people who will protect them.

We need political leaders who are going to stop the chop, not more of the same business as usual.

Here's what you can do to help:

On polling day, Vote 1 Koalas, that is, vote for those parties that if elected will act to protect Koalas. 

Make sure you NUMBER EVERY SQUARE, on the small ballot paper.

Put the Nationals/Liberals/ Shooters last and second last, because that is where they are putting our koalas!

Authorised by John Corkill, Richmond Terrace, Coraki.

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  • commented 2015-03-10 10:56:57 +1100
    The ads are running thick during this campaign and I’m already starting to glaze over. This ad will get people to listen again and remember to number every square putting Libs/Nats last.