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How to Vote 1 Koalas at the NSW State election 28 March 2015

in the Upper House (Legislative Council) (large Ballot paper)

Vote above the line:

vote 1 Group 'S', The Greens,

vote 2 Group ‘K’ Labor / Country Labor,

vote 3 Group 'C' Animal Justice,

vote 4 Group ‘X’ Cyclists,

number other squares if you wish.


in the Lower House (Legislative Assembly) (small Ballot paper) :

Click on one of the electorates below to find out How to Vote 1 Koalas:

Tweed, Ballina, Lismore, Clarence, Coffs Harbour, Oxley, Northern Tablelands, Port Macquarie, Myall Lakes, Upper Hunter.


Vote 1 and 2 for The Greens or Labor; number every square;

and put The Nationals last!


To download a page with all the above electorates, click here.

Koalas are in crisis across NSW. Koala numbers are in free fall. One of the main reasons for this is that the forests they live in are being cut down. This NSW State election is your chance to throw Koalas a life-line, by electing people who will protect them.

We need political leaders who are going to stop the chop, not more of the same business as usual.

Here's what you can do to help:

1. On polling day, Vote 1 Koalas, that is, vote for those parties that if elected will act to protect Koalas. (You'll find some information on how we rate the main parties, below.) Make sure you NUMBER EVERY SQUARE, this maximises the power of your vote and ensures that if your first preference doesn't win, your vote goes to your number 2, 3, etc down the list until you get to the last square. That's where you put the Nationals/Liberals last, because that is where they are putting our koalas!

2. Watch our TV ad clip below and share the link with your friends and tweet about it.

3. DONATE. If you would like to see our ad on the telly in the last week of the campaign, then chip in a few dollars to make it happen.

For $20 we can put it on during the Daytime

For $45 we can show it between 7-9am

For $120 we can show it during the evening News

Every little bit helps and there are other campaign expenses, so if you can, please DONATE.

Where the Parties Stand:

The Greens: have promised to stop logging in public native forests; transfer all high conservation value State Forests to National Parks; provide a jobs transition package; increased protection for koalas; stop the Pacific Highway from bisecting a regionally significant koala population.

ALP/Labor: have promised the Great Koala National Park as well as protecting other areas important for koalas such as Royal Camp State Forest.

National/Liberal Coalition: have promised business as usual including creating perpetual logging licences, rolling back protection for all threatened species including koalas and trialling radical cable logging techniques to enable logging on extremely steep slopes.

Authorised by John Corkill, Richmond Terrace, Coraki.

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  • commented 2015-03-10 10:56:57 +1100
    The ads are running thick during this campaign and I’m already starting to glaze over. This ad will get people to listen again and remember to number every square putting Libs/Nats last.